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Joe Fahey | Solicitor

Joe graduated with a double degree in Arts/Law from the University of Queensland, which he attended on a full Gymnastics scholarship due to an administrative error. He lectures frequently to his children on a variety of subject and rarely listens to his staff about his choice of ties, even though they have exquisite taste.

He enjoys swimming, surfing and golf, but he probably should give up the latter and spend more time learning to cook or picking up his clothes off the floor. He became a football commentator after one of his clients was arrested mid-game and fancies himself as one of the leading bingo callers on the North Coast. He occasionally refers to himself in the third person as “Bingo Man” and has a shirt to prove it.

Lesley Wall | Legal Secretary & Practice Manager

Lesley has over 30 years experience in the legal industry. Lesley is our resident Bookkeeper and Practice Manager and is currently also assisting with the Probate and Estate work. Lesley also keeps up to date with Conveyancing and assists in that area when needed. Lesley has been employed with Foott, Law & Co. since 2002 and is also a Justice of the Peace.

Jennifer Scheiler | Legal Assistant

Jennifer is a personal legal assistant with over 35 years extensive legal experience assisting in areas of Local, District & Supreme Court litigation together with Conveyancing, Family Law/Family Dispute Resolution and Wills & Estates Law. Jennifer is currently assisting with our litigation matters. Jennifer has been employed at Foott, Law & Co. since 2014 and is also a Justice of the Peace.

Joy Walters | Legal Assistant

Joy is a legal assistant with over 35 years extensive experience specializing in Conveyancing, subdivisions and leases together with assisting in Wills and Estates. Joy started working at Foott, Law & Co. as a young 16 year old before moving into Real Estate. Joy returned to Foott, Law & Co. in 2015 and has been kept very busy with numerous subdivisions up and down the North Coast.

Paula McLennan | Licensed Conveyancer

Paula started with Foott, Law & Co. in August 2022 after returning to her home town of Grafton. With over 19 years of experience in the legal field, Paula can assist with all of your conveyancing requirements to enable a smooth transaction.

RECEPTION | General Rouseabouts

Our Foott, Law & Co. team is supported by a highly skilled administration team in Ella Sear, Aimee Fordham and Cassandra Shipway. With a variety of career experience between them they are the front of house team and keep the ship sailing.

All the girls underestimate themselves in how important they are to the office and the general community. They are fine individuals who contribute greatly to the world, notwithstanding they occasionally run roughshod over the boss when it comes to matters of fashion and common sense.

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